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Witty First Title Here

Well, the day finally came. The seemingly inevitable, "Post College, What Now?" Blog. I remember in middle school and high school following along with my "idols" from grades above or family members who either started blogs during or after undergrad. It started to seem like it was the thing to do. I remember wondering, "Am I going to do that?". Well, as it turns out – yes, I am.

The reason is simple. I woke up and thought to myself, "I should start a blog". Now that I am no longer in school I felt myself itching for more creative outlets. Ultimately, I decided that this will be a fun way to share my life and career updates, and possible other ramblings. Far too often people restrict themselves from doing things purely because they need it to be a success. I am choosing to view this as a great creative outlet. I have always loved writing, even though my skills are not as strong as some. Nevertheless, I have accepted (or at least began to accept) that you do not need to be perfect at everything that brings you joy.

Here's a little information about me. Hi, I'm Bethany. I was born and raised in California, graduated from the University of North Dakota with a BFA in Musical Theater, and now I reside in Arizona as I get a jump start on my career as a performer. Besides performing, a few of my favorite things are animals (the fluffy kind not those spindly creatures), cute journals, quality time with friends, coffee shops, and Fall. I also am an advocate for positive mental health and a lover of fitness.

Since the day I was three I knew I wanted nothing else but to perform. And the adventure began. I begged my mother to enroll me in as many camps, classes, and shows possible in order to follow my dreams. That and the fact that I was born into a family of artists is what made me who I am. I cannot imagine a life where I had to grow up without Rodgers, Hammerstein and Hart. Without watching the Original Broadway Cast recording of Into the Woods over and over until the DVD scratched. I grew up in a world where running around my house when no one was home just so I could re-enact an entire musical in which I was every role.

I am very thankful to have had such positive role models in my life and a family that supports me. Without them I never would have learned to believe in myself and go after what I want. While it is a hard career, I've got to go in full-force and lean into the fear. So, I've started this blog to help document some of this journey.

Stay tuned and let the adventure begin!

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