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Why Theater?

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Why theater? Why do I perform? “Because I love it!", is the obvious answer. But what about the creativity? The possibility? Within the theater you are given a constant ability to grow, learn, and strive to be better than you were the day before. The hard work. The thousands of no’s for one single yes. The amount you need to believe in yourself is insane. It’s so hard when you don’t, but you always make sure you come back fighting. The friendships. The memories. The audience members. I still feel my heart fill with so much joy from seeing how people lit up this summer during Mamma Mia! Watching them sing and dance along with the cast on stage filled me with a sensation I did not know my body could possibly contain.

And, we must not forget the mentors we meet along the way. Theater isn’t meant to last. I think that just another reason as to why I keep coming back. It's another thing that makes it magical. So many of my directors, professors, and teachers have touched me and helped me to grow and believe in myself. I keep going because of them. I want to make them proud, but also to be proud of myself.

Theater manes meeting for a short amount of time, pouring your entire soul into a role, and then walking away. It’s terrifying. It’s heartbreaking. We miss family occasions. We endure long distance friendships and relationships. Yet, we can’t keep away. It’s a disease.

I do this because I need it. There is nothing else. This life is all I know and all I ever want to know. Above all else, I want to inspire people. Brighten their day, start a conversation, help people connect to the characters on stage and their story. And that is my why. What’s yours?

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