Creative & Passionate

Bethany Springs is an actress based in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Bethany received her BFA in Musical Theater from the University of North Dakota (Magna Cum Laude) in 2019. Recently, Bethany was awarded the PRIZM for Best Actress in a Major Role for her role as Agnes in Agnes of God. She recently moved to Georgia from Arizona and has been enjoying all that the area has to offer in terms of theaters, workshops, dance classes, and more! 

Born and raised in California, Bethany felt called to the arts community. Her first exposure was in her living room watching every VHS Musical and DVD that she had access to. At a very young age, she wanted nothing else but to be on the stage and begged her mother to enroll her in any dance classes and voice lessons she could. As she got older, she continued to involve herself in multiple community theater shows a year, and even joined the middle school band on alto saxophone to be further involved in music. She continued to be a part of Concert, Jazz, and even Marching Band all throughout high school. Some of Bethany's favorite roles have been Marian in Sherwood: The Adventures of Robinhood and Percy in The Spitfire Grill.

In addition to theater, Bethany enjoys her side business of Dog Sitting via Rover! She is also very passionate about exploring new hikes, weightlifting, writing and reading poetry, and mental health.


Keep up with Bethany's adventures! @bethanyy_springss_actress


"The doe-eyed subject of their many discussions, Agnes, is played by another FHT newcomer Bethany Springs, who adds the perfect child-like charm to this difficult role. Springs' portrayal is fresh and idyllic to the point of detaching from reality, exactly as the playwright intended." - Phoenix Stages

"Bethany Springs was a strong Marian, unwilling to back down to Sir Guy and ready to defend her people." - Carrie on the Arts

"Marian, played by Bethany Springs, is a fearless feminist seen throughout the production as the woman in charge." - Custer County Chronicle

"Zamaraeva and Springs also portrayed great friends to Sophie, keeping her secret and going with her plan. Both were bubbly and fun and great supports when it came to singing. Both have such beautiful voices." Carrie on the Arts

"Bethany Springs as Lisa and Lera Zamaraeva were superb and full of youthful energy as Sophie's friends and bridesmaids." Custer County Chronicle